Friday, February 22, 2008

Being pregnant= eating too much or not eating enough!

Seems like since this pregnancy thing has begun, I'm either always hungry or too full. I haven't figured out the right amount of food to eat, where I feel "just right." one ever tells you it will be this way. They always say, "Oh, you'll have a little morning sickness." However, no one ever said, "You might puke up your guts and feel disgusting and tired for a good amount of time!" I will be spreading that part of the news.

I wish people would be more honest with you. I mean, I wouldn't trade this BABY for the world...and the end result is going to be TOTALLY worth all of the junk that the 1st trimester offers...but really...

Why don't people tell you the truth? Like when you get married, "You're not always happy all the time." Marriage is a tremendous blessing and it's even better than what people say...but it's better in a TOUGH kind of way. I think I'll write a book after I get a little more life experience. My title will be, "Honesty Unplugged." LOL Would you buy it?