Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Preparing for Christmas

This is the first Christmas we will spend in Erie, and we've been doing a few things to get ready around here. We hung lights outside our home, we've made multiple sets of Christmas cookies and tonight, we went to Tim Hortons for donuts and coffee (and chocolate milk for little Miss M), and then away we went. Off on an adventure to find the best Christmas lights. They weren't really too impressive...but there were a few houses we found that took their time on outdoor decorating. We jammed to Taylor Swift's new album "Red," (Madilyn's suggestion). When she wanted to hear number 13 again, she said she wanted "One-eee-three." hehe Also, we were driving past the power plant, and Madilyn said, "Wow, look at that huge sculpture." :) She's too big for her britches sometimes ;)
Our half-eaten box of donuts. I seriously love Tim Hortons. A little too much. 
Madilyn enjoying the ride in her pj's.

Cameron being the cheery tour guide.

This past Saturday morning, we spent some time making a gingerbread house. 

It didn't last long. We basically decorated it so we could eat it. Yes, yes we did.

In our Saturday morning comfy clothes...but such a nice family morning :) We make a killer gingerbread house. And, it was delicious, too.

Currently, we are watching a Christmas movie and chilling out by the tree. We are doing 7 nights of Christmas movies (Cameron and I) until Christmas. We are trying to make it feel "Christmas-y" around here because without extended family, it's not feeling very normal. But, we are going to enjoy our little Christmas here and look forward to visiting Texas in March! Woo hoo! Now, I hope we get some snow for a white Christmas. Hoping. Hoping. Hoping :) Merry Christmas!