Saturday, April 24, 2010

Update and Mommy Time-Out

I can't believe it's been over a year since I last blogged. Here's some updates in our home:

1. Madilyn is now 19 months old...which explains why I haven't had lots of extra time to blog. :) She's the most precious little thing EVER. As I type, she's naming all of her body parts to me that she knows...hands, belly button, arms, eyes, nose, ears, knees, feet, etc.

2. We are in the process of moving to Erie, PA, which in and of itself is a HUGE deal! It just hit me yesterday, when we got a contract on our home, that it was actually happening... and in 8 weeks, we are set to "close." Therefore, eight more times for me to go to church. Eight more weeks of me packing lunches for Cameron to eat at the hospital. Eight more times of doing our weekly cleaning job. Eight more weeks of Comedy Wednesday on ABC in our home. Eight more times of clipping Madilyn's fingernails in her little bedroom. Kinda sad! :( Although very exciting too. I'm really going to miss our home here... it's small and kinda ugly (a rent house with plain white walls), but there are so many memories here (i.e. Telling Cameron I'm pregnant, giving Madilyn her first bath, grading papers on the living room floor, learning to cook with Madilyn in her little sling, painting and decorating a nursery, making cupcakes and finding out Cameron got an interview for medical school, etc.). I'm feeling a teeny-bit sentimental. Okay, maybe WAY sentimental! :)

3. I am starting to learn to sew. Well, I actually haven't even sewed anything yet, but I did get my sewing machine threaded, thanks to my favorite sis-in-law, Jenny! :) I'm so excited to learn, and I have lots of thoughts in my head... hoping they turn out as cute when I make them for real!

4. God has been showing me a lot about having a "Mommy Time-Out." I feel like many times I'm not the person I want to be in situations... for example, when Madilyn disobeys, I don't always respond the way I want to. When things don't look like I think they should, I get discouraged. The Lord reminded me that being a stay-at-home mommy is my ministry. Just like when I worked at the church on staff, I would never go to preach to kids without spending time in the Word each day... that would be CRAZY! In the same way, I've gotta get filled up for the ministry of my home. When you've gotten your baby all bathed and spent time to even dry her hair with a round brush where it's smooth and beautiful, all the laundry is done and put away (which sometimes is a rarity in itself) and then your sweet baby girls pukes all over her carseat, the living room carpet, and her clothes... it's easy to feel discouraged. (If you can't tell, this has happened to me a few times! ha!) But, when I draw from God's grace and mercy, it's all do-able. It's all okay. It's all just a little bump in the road. I've gotta get a storehouse set up of His grace and mercy each day or else I'm drawing from my own strength...and let me tell you ...I'm not very nice without Him. :) He makes me able to love. I am because HE IS.

So, to all you momma's out there. Hang in there. It's okay to have a Mommy Time-Out. You deserve it. You need it. Spend a little time on yourself so you can be better for those around you.