Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fun with friends

How hard is it to get toddlers to all look and smile at the same time? (And, I'm not sure why this is underlined, but I don't know how to fix it.)We went to Frontier Park the other day because it has a fun playground... but we ended up finding that there's a really cool path around the park. Here are some pictures of our adventure.
A fun stream to throw rocks in!
Madilyn with the Read's on the bridge
And, on a completely different occassion:here is our friend Megan. She is moving to Washington State in a few days to begin a professor's job, and we will miss her lots... we made cookies at her house today! Madilyn really loves Megan and thinks she's pretty much the coolest.

Hello and Goodbye

These seem to be the two phrases most used during this present season of our lives. We are constantly meeting new people, explaining to them what we thought about a PA winter, and telling them how long we'll be here. Or... we are sending off our new friends to the next season of their lives while we stay here in Erie.
I have made 6 great friends over the last year we've lived here. Four of them no longer live here. So, I'm down to 2 girls that I'm close to. Thankfully, their kids are Madilyn's best it all works out.
It's such a strange season. It's not even close to being as hard as an Army wife would have it ...I know there are couples out there that have it much tougher than we do. But, at the same time, it's hard. It's hard not seeing my husband every evening and getting to hang out on the weekends. It's hard surfacely meeting hundreds of new people but not feeling like any of them really know you or what you're about. It's hard saying goodbye to the closest friends you've had in a year and wondering if you'll meet anyone that's as nice as them to tide you over for the next 3 years until you move again. It's hard.
There are days that are quite lonely during this season of our lives. There are some days that seem like they'll never end. But, there are also days that fly by so quickly that I feel like I didn't get anything out of the day like I wish I had (more hugs from Madilyn, more smiles from Cameron, more coffee with my girlfriends, etc.).
Today, the scripture that really hits home is:
"This is My command-- Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9
When I feel lonely--He's there. When I feel discouraged--He's there. When I feel like no one knows me--He's there. When I feel I've messed up as a mommy-- He's there. When I feel like I've failed again--He's there. And, HE IS REALLY ALL I NEED :)
I'm so glad to have Jesus in my life!