Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Who knew Dallas could be so fun?

We decided to get out of town for a few days over Spring Break and head to the BIG D. Well, let me just say, it was the funnest week of my life! :0)

We spent time with friends...

We went to a Dallas Maverick's game...and had a lady yelling her head off the whole game right in our ears!!! Then, she'd clear her throat each time after she did it... "Go Mavs!!! Ah-HEMMM!" (What's a good basketball game without an obnoxious fan yelling in your ears, right?)

And then we met Jerry Stackhouse, a Dallas Maverick (sometimes a starter) at the Galleria! What more could you ask for?

We had a great time, and it was much needed. Now, we can start preparing our lives for a new little baby!!! :0)