Monday, September 17, 2012

Madilyn's 4th Birthday!

Oh, boy! There were big celebrations last week as Miss Madilyn Kate turned 4 years old! I can hardly believe she's already grown up so much. It's going by way too fast.
We had a party at our home on Thursday, the 13th. She wanted to go to Build-A-Bear which is becoming an annual birthday tradition, and we had all of her favorite foods that day including Krispy Kreme, Wendy's and fish sticks :) And Saturday, we went to the park with some friends and had another party. She was blessed with so many nice gifts and sweet words. I know she had a great birthday celebration.
Here she is, riding the toys at the mall. Only 4 and already driving!
Madilyn went to Build-A-Bear and made a bunny named "Rose." She has a heartbeat, so Madilyn couldn't stop listening to it. She sleeps with Rose, and she picked out a crown and princess wand for Rose to have for her accessories.
Then, on Saturday we celebrated her birthday at Picnicana Park in Summit, PA.
By the time birthday celebrations were over, she was worn out! What a sweetie.