Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How has it been 5 months?

Where have the last 5 months gone? I can't believe my last blog post was when we were in Dayton. It's been a crazy ride. Let's see:
We came back to PA for 8 weeks, went to TX and OK for 4 weeks, came back. The next week, Cameron started interviews for Residency. He's had a total of 8 interviews so far, and he has only 2 left. We have been preparing the nursery for baby boy's arrival (which is in 20 days or less!), made Thanksgiving dinner, set up Christmas decorations, been shoveling snow, and trying to squeeze in every ounce of family time and friend time that we can. I can't believe that Residency will start in 5 months. Our 4 years in Erie, PA are rapidly coming to an end. I cannot believe it! Time flies when you're having fun! :0)
Here are some of my favorite pictures over the past few weeks:
Mason Farms, the day after Thanksgiving!
Sweet baby boy at 35 weeks! Measuring in at 6lbs. 4 oz.

Decorating the nursery!

Madilyn at the "Becoming a Big Sister class" at the hospital.
 35 weeks pregnant!

The massive amounts of snow in front of our house. There's more than this now!

My hard-working husband, shoveling himself out so he can get to work!

Madilyn and Daddy playing on a REALLY cold and snowy day. I will not miss Lake Effect snow.

Building at Home Depot Kids and enjoying a cup of hot cocoa.

Decorating the Christmas tree together!
This year has been quite a whirlwind, but what an amazing ride! God's faithfulness never ceases to amaze me! He has provided all that we need and most of our wants, too. I'm beginning to realize that His timing is so perfect. If we need it, He supplies it. If we don't have it, we must not need it. He cares so much for us as His children.
"And my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus."
Philippians 4:19