Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

We had a great Valentine's Day yesterday. First off, Cameron bought me a box of chocolates, which I love! I like trying every one of them! So, I asked him to get me a small box. Well, he got me a box, but it's a little bigger than I wish. I say this because I know I will eat the whole box...won't take me very long. I have such a weakness when it comes to yummy chocolate with assorted fillings. So, at least I only get a box of chocolates once a year...otherwise my jeans would not fit, I'm sure!

Madilyn made her daddy a card, with my help of course. It made his day. :0) He's such a great daddy! Then, Madilyn decided (LOL) that we needed to make Daddy his favorite cookies, so we baked heart shaped sugar cookies. They turned out delicious! I didn't have a recipe for them, so I went to and found an excellent one! This is definitely a recipe I will use for Valentine's Days in the future.
Ahhhhhh...the day of love! LOL No, really, we decided to not take a date night on Valentine's Day because it's NOT romantic at all!!! There are always thousands of people rushing around town, crowding restaurants, and standing in lines for movies all at the same time...and the majority of this crowd are teenagers who can't keep their hands off of each other. Yuck. We decided to go on a date on Friday night instead. Say what you will, but I think it's more romantic when you are with the one you love...not with the whole city!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Baby Food...Everywhere!!!

Well, this morning Madilyn and I were playing while Cameron slept (he worked last night). I decided to scoop her up and fly her like an airplane above my head. Apparently, she wanted to let me know it was time for me to take a shower because as soon as she got up there, out came the formula...all over the chair, my hair and my glasses! It was so gross it was hilarious! I started laughing so hard, trying to be quiet, and I HAD to take a picture so Cameron could see what happened! You know you're a mom get puked on, and you take a picture! LOL
Well, she definitely made her point! I took a shower, and she got a bath! She loves her bathtimes! Here is a picture of her playing in her bath towel. I caught her! :0)

We started rice cereal a couple of weeks ago. She didn't like it at first, but the dr. told us we could put a drop of Karo Syrup in it so it doesn't constipate her...and it makes it taste better! She now cries after her cereal is matter how much I feed her! I keep adding more, thinking maybe she's still hungry, but it doesn't matter how much she gets, it's not enough. She also grabs the spoon right when it gets to her mouth, so by the time she's finished eating, I have rice cereal all over my arms and she has it on her hands, face, neck, and pretty much everywhere she can get it! She's so ready to do all of her eating from a spoon! She absolutely LOVES it! I'm so proud of how she's growing and developing. She amazes us everyday! (She kinda looks like Santa Claus! LOL)