Thursday, December 1, 2011

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving came and went without a hitch this year. No extra cleaning for company since we didn't have any. No getting up early to get showers (we stayed in our pj's almost all day!). No baking 4 pies or taking Madilyn to the E.R. the night before for ear infections (that was what happened LAST year!). No, this year was pretty much amazing.
While we were sad to not be with family this year (I got a little teary at times),we went to our friend's house for a dinner on the evening of Thanksgiving. They made the turkey, we all brought the sides (there were 7 couples total and 5 kids!). It was so nice to taste other people's traditional Thanksgiving recipes since we are all from different parts of the U.S., and I came away with an AMAZING Crockpot Spinach recipe. OMGoodness. This will probably make an appearance at our Christmas table this year (thanks, Corinne!).
We enjoyed our family time so much! We ended up watching movies in our pj's, hitting up the park and the zoo and even shopping at Walmart together (which never happens, and it's kind-of my love language, I think! haha)
While at the park, Madilyn made friends with two little girls from New Jersey named Zoey (4) and Sarah (5). When we were all leaving the park that day (because it was getting dark), Sarah pulled out her very own Lego digital camera and started snapping pictures of Madilyn. Then, she rubbed her head and said, "I will look at these pictures of you everyday so I never forget you." It was absolutely precious. So, here is a picture of Sarah taking the pictures of Zoey and Madilyn.
After Cameron had to start studying again (as all good things must come to an end), Madilyn and I decided to visit our beloved zoo one last time. It was super cold and rainy, but like I said earlier, if it's above freezing, we're going outside, so we went. And, I'm so glad we did because it closed today until the first of March because the snowy weather should be here soon.
I am so thankful that God brought us to Erie, PA. He's provided great friends for us, great neighbors, and a wonderful church to call home. It's not anything like Amarillo, but I'm guessing it never will be. It's Erie, and it's a fun place to add to this adventure we call LIFE. Since being here, I've learned that I love hummus, whoopie pies, pepperoni rolls and that I can actually survive with eating delicious Mexican food at least every other day (although I miss Mexican food terribly!). God has provided for us. He has made a way. He has settled in this momma's heart that everything is alright. He is more than faithful. He is more than good. He is more than a loving Father. He is my everything.