Monday, July 15, 2013

The past few days...

For starters, we went to the National Air Force Museum. It's located here in Dayton. I had no idea that the Wright Brothers were from here or that the air force base was so huge! If you haven't visited this museum, you need to! It was one of those times (that are becoming more frequent as I get older) when I say to myself, "I wish I would've paid more attention in history class. The planes and the history were breathtaking, and it almost brought tears to my eyes (doesn't take much lately--thank you, pregnancy hormones! ;)

We saw the EXACT bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima in WWII. They found it and repaired it, and here it is. It's called the "Little Boy."

Here is the Enola Gay, the plane that dropped the "Fat Man" bomb on Nagasaki to end WWII.

We also got to see the Wright Brothers airplane! Those men were brave to fly on that thing. No way you could've gotten me on there.

Last night, I snapped this sweet picture of M and C playing games on the iPad before bedtime. Be still my heart!

This morning, we got to spend some time with our new friends at the pool. Madilyn loves playing with her new friend, Olivia! And, she misses her friend Olivia from Erie, too ;) Madilyn is becoming quite the water bug, and she is getting so brave! I'm proud of her!
All in all, we are so blessed. God is so faithful and good to lead us and direct our footsteps. What an exciting year ahead!

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