Tuesday, July 15, 2014

How to Be a Friend

So, let me just say first off, that I've tried posting pics of Thatcher since his birth. I reeeeeeaaallllllllyyyy have. But, for some reason, my computer kept messing up. And Momma only has enough time for M A Y B E one blog post a day. Not redoing it 5 times. Whatever.
Anyway, I'll post pics of our sweet boy soon.
But, here we are in Tulsa, OK. We moved, and we love it. The weather is amazing. Our church (Church on the Move) is amazing. Our neighborhood is amazing. The food is amazing. The friendly people are amazing. It's all AMAZING. Really amazing.
I have been so tremendously blessed by people since we've been here. Yall. People are NICE here. Like REALLY NICE.
For instance: We go to a decently big church. I don't know how many are in attendance on a weekly basis. But it's big. Like a few thousand people.
So, we joined a small group, naturally. We wanted to make friends.
Can I just tell you...our small group leaders are actually SEEKING US OUT? At church this weekend, they texted us to see where we were. And they came and SAT WITH US! And these aren't your average church attenders. They're like important people at church. Like a staff pastor and church leader. We sit at the back. They sit at the front. They came to the back to sit with us. Can I just tell you how nice it feels to feel like you actually matter to someone? Seriously. What a tangible way to show God's love.
How many times have I just skipped over people to sit with my friends or in my usual spot? What if we all just started actually getting off our cell phones and out from behind our computers to show people that they matter to us? I guarantee this would be a world-changing formula. Showing others that we care. Taking the time to ask how a cashier is doing. Remembering someone's name. Smiling as you pass someone in line.
Another thing: I have a friend in Tulsa that actually called me the other day just to see how I was doing. As weird as this sounds, it was amazing. I feel like technology is so convenient, but it also conveniently causes us to disconnect from each other. Pick up the phone. Have a coffee date. Sit with someone new.
You never know who needs to know they matter.
Be a blessing.
Show the love of Jesus.
Change your world.

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