Friday, June 17, 2011

Friends and Sandboxes

Isn't that what life's all about? Friends and sandboxes? Madilyn is having a blast this summer in Erie! It's the most gorgeous place to be during the warm months... and I remember why I loved it so much when we first moved here. Each day, we wake up and decide if we want to visit the zoo, the beach or play in our enormous back yard (well, enormous on our scale anyway!).
Madilyn's favorite thing right now at the zoo is the sandbox. She and Olivia had a great time playing this week, and there were a few tears shed when it was time to pack up and go.
Another fun exhibit was the petting zoo! This is the first time we've seen brushes there to brush the animals, so Madilyn found an unsuspecting goat and went after it. Notice she's brushing the hind quarters ...right after I took this picture, the goat gave a good kick! :)
I'm telling you ...if you ever want to visit Erie, go to Niagara Falls, eat the original Buffalo wings and see a Great Lake, come during the summer time!
Speaking of friends, one of Madilyn's favorite people here is my friend Sarah Brennan. She and her husband are moving to Pittsburgh next week for him to do rotations, but Madilyn just LOVES Sarah! At first, she called her "syrup" because she couldn't say Sarah. But, now she says her name just fine-- and very often! I am pretty sure she thinks Sarah is her best friend. We are going to miss the Brennan's so much! Sarah is such a fun friend ...but you can usually find us at Starbucks chatting it up after Madilyn goes to bed. It's so nice to have friends that understand the season of life we're in. I know that God has great things in the Brennan's future! We are so glad to have gotten to know them here and look forward to visiting them in Pittsburgh from time to time (only 2 hours away!).

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