Friday, September 30, 2011

Seasons Are a Changin'...

Well, as Autumn is upon us, we are finding all of our jackets and jeans and dusting them off so we can get outdoors. Something we've learning living in Erie, PA is that you don't stay inside if it's above 32 degrees outside. You just don't. Because there are plenty of days that will be BELOW freezing that we'll get lots of indoor activities in.
Madilyn found out what a tire swing is, thanks to her great friends Pierce and Autumn. This was definitely the high-light of that playdate! :)
Fall fun at the Erie Zoo! Madilyn loves to look in the "barn" and see the chickens inside!
In contradiction to everything I just said, we went to the Children's Museum this morning. My mom bought us a pass (thanks, Mom!) this year so we can go as often as we like. Normally this would be saved for a snowy day, but today was chilly, rainy and windy so we decided to pull out an indoor activity :)
Madilyn gives a fabulous puppet show.
She loves the grocery store, and she tells all the kids "Thank you for coming," when she is the cashier.
The princess found her castle.
Here the face painting station. She LOVES it! I think she loves it so much because she sees me doing makeup in the mornings. She's very creative!
But her all time favorite station at the Erie Children's Museum is the boats and ducks in the water. She can literally play in it for an hour. Loves it.
There are many more adventures for us this Fall as we change seasons and prepare for the Winter ahead. More pics soon...I promise! :)

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Cameron said...

I love the boats and ducks!